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Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

The air inside your home is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  With the proper level of humidity in your home, you will feel more comfortable and breathe easier.  Too much or too little humidity can cause a multitude of problems.


Air that is excessively dry can weaken your immune system causing harmful viruses and respiratory ailments; dry throats, skin and hair; while wreaking havoc on your woodwork and furniture.  And because humidified air feels warmer, in the winter you can turn your furnace down and save energy and money.

At Thornton & Grooms, we proudly offer Lennox, General, Honeywell, and Aprilaire® Humidifiers.
  • Health. A whole-house humidifier can reduce the chance of upper respiratory problems. “Humidity reduces the incidence of respiratory infections and speeds recovery from the common cold.”—William J. Hitschler, MD, Archives of Otolaryngology.
  • Comfort. When the air in your home becomes too dry, you and your family are left with dry, itchy skin, and a dry nose and throat. A whole-house humidifier can help alleviate all of these uncomfortable symptoms and more.
  • Protection. Dry air can damage walls, hardwood floors, furniture, artwork and electronics. A whole-house humidifier can help protect your home and its contents by supplying the correct amount of moisture to your home’s air.
  • Energy Savings. Do you turn up the thermostat when you feel cold? According to the EPA, a whole-house humidifier allows you to feel warmer at a lower thermostat setting, saving up to 4% on your heating bill for EVERY degree you lower your thermostat.


Air that is too moist promotes an environment where bacteria, mold, fungi and dust mites can grow and flourish, triggering allergic reactions, and contributing to ongoing allergies and dust mite problems.

Thornton & Grooms proudly offers Lennox and Aprilaire Dehumidifiers.
  • Health.  A whole-house dehumidifier can remove many of the asthma-causing triggers and conditions found in most homes.  They also combat the molds and fungi that cause allergic reactions in many individuals.
  • Protection.  The most effective means of dealing with molds in your home is to control what causes them in the first place—excess indoor moisture. The Aprilaire Whole-House Dehumidifier removes up to 90 pints—or 11.25 gallons—of excess moisture from your home’s air every day.  Whole-house dehumidification protects and preserves your home and its valuable contents, from bubbling, cracking paint, to peeling wallpaper, to mold and mildew growth to swollen wood framing around doors and windows.  It works invisibly, silently and automatically to bring your home's humidity level into the comfort range-and keeps it there even as external temperatures and humidity levels vary from day to day.
  • Comfort. Whole-Home Dehumidifiers can help rid your home of odors.  They fight the growth of mold and mildew and the musty odors associated with these fungi from your basement to your attic and everywhere in between.
  • Energy Savings.  Most homeowners turn up the air conditioner to try and get rid of the “stickiness” caused by excess indoor humidity. A whole-house dehumidifier removes the appropriate amount of moisture from your home’s air, allowing you to run your air-conditioning system less often and for shorter periods of time. Additionally, a whole-house dehumidifier consumes the same amount of electricity as most portable dehumidifiers.

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