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HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance

Annual maintenance is the best investment to protect your household comfort systems.

There is nothing better for your heating, cooling and plumbing systems than to have them serviced yearly. This allows all of your home comfort systems to work at peak efficiency year in and year out - and saves you money in lower utility costs. A system that is maintained annually will also experience considerably fewer breakdowns.

Under most plans you pay a service provider a yearly fee for regular maintenance but will have to pay a high price for priority service when you have a problem. With the Comfort Protection Plan, you not only get priority service, you can prevent those problems from happening in the first place, and save money in the process!

Maintenance Agreement Benefits

  • Extended Warranty on All Repairs
  • Discounts On Repairs
  • Priority Service When You Need It
  • 100% REAL Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Discounts On Filters & Humidifier Pads
  • Save Money On Energy Bills
  • Professional Advice On Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing Systems
  • Written Condition Report
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Longer Equipment Life
  • T & G Bucks for System Replacement
  • Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance
  • Transferrable
  • We Schedule
  • We Track
  • We Call

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1. Lifetime warranties valid if plan level paid continuously.
2. For tank style heaters only; can apply $99 to tankless maintenance.
3. Rebuild is based on a Fluid Master Pro Fill Valve & Flapper replacement for 2-piece toilets. Unique toilet repairs beyond this scope will result in additional costs.
4. Flush is based on a standard faucet. Additional fees incurred beyond this repair.
5. Listed Service Charge during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 7am-8pm; Sat 8am-4pm) only. Service requested after regular business hours is subject to a $145 Service Call Charge.
6. T&G Bucks are earned every full year as a member. Must be a member at time of redemption. Valid on Furnace, Boiler, A/C or Sewer replacement.
7. Maintenance repairs include hot surface igniter, flame sensor, capacitor, fuses & contactor.
8. Recommended repairs required prior to qualifying for free refrigerant.
9. Bubble test of common accessible areas. Electronic leak search using refrigerant gas sensing tool in accessible areas. If these leak search methods are unsuccessful, additional methods & charges will apply.

Maintenance Agreement Checklist (Heating & Cooling)

Heating System Check: Air Conditioning System Check:
  1. Examine thermostat 
  2. Test for Carbon Monoxide 
  3. Inspect Heat Exchanger
  4. Measure Temperature Differential
  5. Inspect Furnace Controls
  6. Check safety devices
  7. Test for gas leaks
  8. Inspect gas valve operation
  9. Test ignition system
  10. Inspect electrical connections
  11. Test gas pressure
  12. Test Flame Sensing System
  13. Clean furnace cabinet
  14. Lubricate all applicable moving parts
  15. Test volt and amp draw on motors
  16. Inspect breaker
  17. Test Heat Pump Operation
  18. Test cycle for proper operation
  19. Service humidification System
Learn more about our heating system check.
  1. Examine thermostat
  2. Inspect Filters
  3. Shut down Humidification System
  4. Measure Temperature Differential
  5. Monitor Humidity
  6. Chemically clean condenser coil
  7. Test and adjust air flow
  8. Inspect all electrical connections
  9. Test amperage draw on motors
  10. Check refrigerant charge
  11. Lubricate applicable moving parts
  12. Clean condensate drain
  13. Inspect all electrical Components
  14. Identify proper refrigerant level
  15. Check disconnect power box
  16. Inspect breaker
  17. Inspect evaporator coil (when accessible)
  18. Test cycle for proper operation
  19. Clean air conditioner cabinet 
Learn more about our air conditioning system check.

Maintenance Agreement Checklist (Plumbing)

Plumbing System CheckOur licensed plumber will address your plumbing questions and concerns and inspect your system as required. Our goal is to make your plumbing system safe and efficient. The plumber will locate and identify your main gas and water shut-offs, inspect your water heater(s) operation & condition, and perform a cursory inspection of your plumbing system focusing more on items of concern. We encourage you to ask us questions as we inspect your system for leaks, loose parts, potential future issues, safety concerns, inefficient operation, and optional improvements.

To find our more about our maintenance agreements, give us a call at (248) 430-7108.
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