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2 Reasons a Back-up Sump Pump Could Save Your Home

Jun. 16, 2015
Tis the season for heavy rain and harsh storms, which could mean big problems in your basement. Michigan flash floods and warnings are more frequent, along with the real threat of power outages that could knock out your primary electric sump pump.
When a sump pump fails you’re at risk of complicated and costly clean up projects, potential structural damage to your home, and even health problems from mold growth. Some argue that a battery-back up is just as good as a water-powered back up sump pump; although a battery back-up is an option, having the battery run out at the wrong time can leave you in the same predicament as not having a sump pump at all.

1. Summer Rain & Storm Drains
Back up sump pumps turn on when there is more water coming into your home than the main sump pump can handle and/or when the main sump pump stops working and there’s still water to be pumped out. Both the city water and ground water from the sump are discharged out of the house and recycled by nature. It doesn’t add to the burden of a city's sewer system or add contaminants to the environment.

2. Power Outages
Michigan rain and storms can knock out the power unexpectedly which would not only shut off your electric powered primary sump pump but will start the clock on a battery powered back up. Without knowing how soon the power will be back on, your home is at risk; a problem you don’t have to worry about with a water-powered option.
Power outages can cause extensive damage since the outage generally occurs during the storm and heavy rain is actively filling your home with water.

There are numerous reasons a sump pump could fail:
• Power outage
• Burn out from overuse
• Waste water discharge pipe could get clogged
• Important components could break
• Float switch could get stuck or disconnected
• It can also get unplugged by accident or become inoperable due to a blown fuse, etc.

Are you willing to risk not having a water-powered back up sump pump in your home? Call or schedule a plumber today to assess your needs.
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