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8 Tips to Prepare for Summer

May. 11, 2016
Summer is slowly making its way to Michigan so its time for you to prepare your home. Do you have a plan for getting the most out of your home? Check out these 8 tips to get ready for the warm weather. Did you forget any?

1. Use your bathroom’s exhaust fan to eliminate steam and lower humidity. The exhaust fan pulls steam and humidity from the air quickly so it’s not transferred throughout the house once you open the door. 

2. Change your furnace filter. Your furnace and air conditioner are connected. If your home quickly accumulates dust, if you have pets or allergies, or if anyone smokes in your home; changing your filters once a month will keep your air fresher and your air conditioner from over working

3. Have your air conditioner system checked by a certified professional. An air conditioner tune up, like our 19-point check will keep your AC at peak performance for its age. Also, annual air conditioner maintenance can alert you early if there is a looming problem that will put your air conditioner out of commission if it starts working hard.

4. Change the settings on your humidifier.  Your humidifier has two seasonal settings, make sure you move your humidifier setting from “Winter” to “Summer” prepare for the cooling season so your air conditioner operates properly.

5. Check your sprinkler system.  Of course you’ll want to use your sprinkler system this season. Make sure to schedule a backflow prevention test to ensure proper functionality. Also, check around your house for “swamp areas,” erosion, or dying plants – you could be losing or wasting water and not know it.

6. Install a solar pool heater and start enjoying your pool now and throughout the summer even if it’s not a scorcher. Did you know that a solar pool heater pays for itself in as little as 2-3 years?

7. Swap your storm windows for screens. Changing out your windows will allow the air to flow through after keeping it out all winter long. This can keep your house cooler without having to turn on the air. Switching to screens also lets fresh air in and inevitable bacteria out.

8. Clear/clean your dryer vents. Clearing your dryer vents will keep your home cooler this summer. A clear dryer vent can prevent warm air from blowing back into your home. It also prevents overheating which could result in a fire, in extreme cases.

Have you taken care of these things already? If not, now is the time to get started!
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