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Avoid Plumbing Blues

Nov. 21, 2014
Are you having family over for the holiday?Are you hosting the big day? You might be headed for trouble! 

No hot water! The sink is backing up! The toilet won’t flush! What an avoidable nightmare to have on your hands. The Holiday season is upon us; you have guests in your homes and any plumbing you’ve overlooked or are putting off addressing until after the holiday season could come back to bite you. Here are a few reasons you should get your plumbing checked before your family comes in from out of town.

When people have guests in their homes this holiday season, the sewer may see a lot more activity than normal. Things you’ve done to delay plumbing issues before the holiday can turn into plugged drains and calling a plumber, during. Schedule plumbing maintenance now…before dinner! When we use our plumbing more than we usually would, it can put a strain on our home’s plumbing system. For example, when we use our garbage disposals there are a few things that should never be put in it. But, never say never, right? A small amount of grease, a few peelings – everything seems fine. You don’t have to imagine what those small infractions can do to your drains…although they went down the drain in small quantities a small storm could be brewing, building up in your garbage disposal since they cannot be properly disposed of in this manner. --When using your disposal three or four times as much in a few days as you do in a month, those small infractions that have your disposal draining a little slowly could bring holiday preparations to a complete halt!

Having out of town relatives over for the holiday means more showers and more toilets flushing than usual. Nothing is more embarrassing than a toilet that won’t flush when you have guests over; and nothing is more uncomfortable than running out of hot water after five minutes in the shower. Do you have an older water heater? Have you ever had it flushed and maintained? If not, you’re at higher risk of running out of hot water or having your water heater fail. Having your water heater flushed and maintained means flushing out the grime and sediment that builds up and eats away at the tank over time. It also means getting rid of that build up so there’s more space for hot water to be stored in the tank so it is there when you need it. Having a certified plumber flush your water heater is an easy and inexpensive way to maintain your system and dodge disaster down the line.

Here are a few more tips to keep your plumbing running smoothly during the holiday:
• NEVER put grease, cooking oils, fat, bones, skins, etc. into your garbage disposal or into a toilet. Instead, have a separate garbage pail for those food items, then dispose of them in the trash.
• Be sure your toilets, sinks and showers are draining correctly BEFORE your whole family arrives for the festivities. If not, call a professional plumber.
• Throughout the holiday, be sure to keep an eye on your plumbing & septic system. Doing so might help you catch a simple problem before it becomes a major mess.

Thank you Robert Riddle; master plumber at Thornton & Grooms. He was a contributor to this blog post.
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