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Backflow Prevention Can Save Your Life.

May. 06, 2009

Backflow Prevention Can Save Your Life.  Funny Thing is, Most People Aren’t Even Aware of the Problem.

Before talking about backflow prevention, let’s first describe the problem, and how it occurs:

Backflow is the reversal of the direction of water or sewage due to a reversal of water pressure. In either case, contamination occurs. This contamination can be limited to your home or extend to the city water supply.  And if left unchecked or not checked in time, the results can be harmful…even lethal.

Here are the typical causes of how contamination occurs:

  • A break in a city water line which could then cause polluted water and other contaminants from mixing with the city water supply;
  • Line flushing and fire fighting can produce the same harmful result;
  • Homes with wells and ground water supplies that spill into your well water…if a well pump shuts off while the end of an attached hose is underwater – even submerged in a puddle on the ground – backflow can suck the liquid backward through the hose into the well;
  • Water systems that are supplied by wells or come in contact with untreated and contaminated streams or ponds also create potential backflow hazards.

Without proper protection, even a simple device like your water hose has the potential to poison your home’s water supply

By contrast, the kind of professional backflow services we offer at Thornton & Grooms can help protect your family’s drinking water by blocking contaminants from entering your water supply, and eventually the water sources within your home.

How to Protect Your Family

First, have your city or well water tested to see if it’s currently contaminated.  The professionals at (company name) can perform that service for you, and help determine the source of the contamination, and the best methods for giving you the security and peace of mind that comes from a steady supply of pure drinking water.

We have a number of solutions we’d be happy to discuss with you on preventing backflow contamination from both city and well water supplies….we can even install a lawn sprinkler/irrigation system that has built-in backflow prevention

Because while pesticides may be good for your lawn and help to beautify your home, they definitely are not something you want backing up into your home water supply.

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