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Chemical Drain Cleaners vs. Natural Drain Cleaners. A Michigan Tech Explains the Differences.

Jul. 17, 2015
You’ve heard the do’s and don’ts of what you can safely put down your drains, but, things like hair, stringy food particles, and grease still find their way down the drain. This waste eventually builds up enough to cause a blockage in the drain; water begins to drain more slowly or not at all.

Many Do-It-Yourselfers buy a snake or a chemical cleaner in an effort to clear the clog on their own but these cleaners do far more harm than good for your pipes.

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The ‘All-Natural’ Way
Natural drain cleaners are biodegradable, chemical-free and environmentally friendly. This means they won’t damage your pipes or your skin when you use them. Enzymatic cleaners use natural enzymes to eat away at bacteria living in your pipes, but don’t eat away at the actual pipe like a chemical cleaner.

Enzymatic cleaners are not as fast acting as chemical cleaners (they take at least one overnight application) because they are establishing a cluster to eat away at the organic materials that gather in your pipes. Enzymatic cleaners are also a great preventative measure to keep your pipes clear and healthy after the clog has been cleared.

Why Chemicals are Caustic
Chemical drain cleaners use sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid. These chemicals are corrosive to organic materials and many metals. A chemical cleaner may clear a clog quicker than a natural cleaner but may also deteriorate PVC, galvanized steel, copper, iron pipes and fixtures, burn through clothes, and irritate the skin.

You should never mix chemical drain cleaners or drain and household cleaning chemicals – toxic gas and even explosions can result. Chemical cleaners must also be kept out of reach of children and disposed of properly. Recycling is not an option.

Benefits of the Natural Way
If you already have a clog and don’t want to wait for a natural cleaner to begin working, call a certified plumber. A plumber may cost a few more dollars than a bottle of chemicals upfront, but you won’t have to worry about the extra cost of damaged fixtures or pipes, especially from using caustic chemicals, over and over again.  A clogged drain is an indication that something within the pipe is going wrong. By masking the problem with chemical cleaners that may “drill a hole” through the clog, the problem is likely to return. Using natural cleaners ensures that the whole clog and any other organic waste will be cleared and you can “start fresh” when using your pipes.

What You Can Do
Of course, the goal is always to avoid a clogged drain. So, tips like: don’t put vegetable and fruit peels, bones, or cheese down a garbage disposal; don’t pour grease down the drain, whether hot or cold and; use a hair trap in the showers will always help.

But, when a clog does happen, try your hand using a plunger or drain snake, call a licensed plumber or use natural drain cleaners like Bio Clean, featured on The Discovery Channel. 

Take a look:
Bio Clean on The Discovery Channel 

Not all drains are equal after years of use, abuse and chemical cleaners. Using a natural drain cleaner regularly will reduce the amount of backups and keep your pipes and family safe. If you do experience a back up, call a licensed plumber or schedule your service online today.
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