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Local Heating and Cooling Company Offers Tips to Avoid Fires During Fire Prevention Month

Oct. 03, 2013
Farmington Hills, Mich. (October 3, 2013) –During October, Thornton & Grooms, a top local heating and cooling company, would like homeowners to be aware of how their heating system can inadvertently contribute to fires during Fire Prevention Month, and how to prevent them.

“Since heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires, we consider it our duty to ensure our customers, neighbors, and friends are safe,” says Dave Knight, owner of Thornton & Grooms.

The facts don’t lie. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, the leading cause of home fires and resulting injuries is cooking.  After that, it’s heating equipment.  Smoking is the leading cause of deaths in home fires. In 2011 alone, there were 370,000 home fires that caused almost 14,000 injuries and over 2,500 deaths.

The number one factor in heating equipment fires is a simple one: lack of maintenance. “A dirty furnace or chimney is much more likely to cause a fire than one that has been maintained and cleaned,” states Knight. He recommends that homeowners change air filters monthly and ensure that all heating equipment is cleaned each season. If a chimney is present, it should be inspected annually for creosote buildup and cleaned as necessary. Incomplete combustion caused by dirty chimneys and furnaces can release carbon monoxide into the air, which can be deadly.

The best way to keep safe in case of a fire is to ensure that there are smoke alarms outside of every sleeping area and in the kitchen at a minimum.  If they’re battery operated, check them every month to be sure they’re working. About two-thirds of deaths in home fires happen when there is no working smoke alarm in the home. When they are installed and working, smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in a fire in half. Consider installing hardwired alarms; during home fires, hardwired alarms operate on average 92% of the time, while battery powered alarms operate only 77% of the time.

Next, every family should have an escape plan and practice it every six months.. Have two escape routes from every room and ensure that every family member knows them all. Most families have escape plans, but only about one-third has practiced them.  Since you may have only a minute or less to get out of your home, practice is essential.

For more information about Fire Prevention, visit nfpa.org
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