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Maintenance Agreements: Everybody Wins

Nov. 21, 2013
Having your furnace and air conditioner maintained is a no-brainer for efficiency and reliability.  The biggest problem is usually remembering to have it done before the weather gets to be extreme.  If you’re like most people, having one less thing to remember is worth a lot.  A maintenance agreement with a reputable, licensed contractor like Thornton & Grooms lets you check your heating and cooling system off your to-do list. 

A Comfort Protection Plan with Thornton & Grooms lets you take the first step to guaranteeing that you’ll have your annual maintenance done on your furnace and air conditioner. That’s because we’ll remind you that it needs to be done and offer you convenient times for your appointment.  You will also:
  • Extend the life of your system. A system that is maintained can last 3-5 years longer than one that is not.
  • Ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty will not be voided.  All manufacturers require annual maintenance by a certified technician for their warranty to be valid.
  • Reduce the chance that there will be an emergency repair. When a heating and cooling system is inspected regularly, a technician can spot potential inconvenient and expensive problems and help you avoid them.
  • Keep your system running at peak efficiency, which keeps your utility bills low and comfort high.
  • Avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly.  A furnace that is not inspected yearly is a potential source of carbon monoxide in your home.
  • Enjoy plumbing coverage.  Most companies do not cover plumbing, but at Thornton & Grooms, it’s included.  You receive one annual plumbing inspection and a warranty on parts and labor. 
It’s not just your furnace and air conditioner that benefits from the Comfort Protection Plan; we’ve built in some benefits for you as well:
Thornton & Grooms’ Trust Certified technicians
  • Extended appointment times for busy people that include evenings and Saturdays
  • Priority service
  • 10% discount on heating and cooling repairs
  • 10% discount on plumbing repairs
  • 2-year warranty on repairs
  • Spot Coolers or Heaters delivered in emergencies
  • 24/7 fast response emergency service
Ensure that any agreement you enter into is with someone you can trust to offer the best service possible.  At Thornton & Grooms, you know what you can expect: certified technicians, top-notch service, and a company that truly cares about its customers in emergencies and every day.
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