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Old Home = Old Pipes?

Sep. 18, 2015
Did you know: if residents in your area have been experiencing backed up drain issues, yours could be next? Most communities’ homes were built in the same time frames. A home built in the 1930s will also have pipes from the 1930s. If homeowners are starting to experience break downs in the functions of those pipes ... there goes the neighborhood.

But don’t worry, all is not lost, there are steps you can take to learn the status of your pipes and be proactive about how to handle pipes that may be “over the hill.” The life expectancy of the drain system in your home is 30-50 years. In drain systems this old, the question isn’t if it will fail but when will it fail. Having your drains televised can help you, the homeowner, determine what needs to be done and how soon.

Common solution scenarios are:
1. Various forms of maintenance – at times, maintenance can be effective but does not solve the issue long term. If you have backed up drains and respond with maintenance, after some time, clearing a drain line with a snake or cutter, though a cheaper option, could actually be more detrimental to the pipes. Jetting a sewer line is another form of maintenance that homeowners may choose. This can buy the homeowner time before a repair but is also, not a full solution.
2. Pipe Restoration – piping needs to be a good candidate for this solution; pipe in too poor condition cannot be restored. Often times, after a jetting, a pipe restoration technique like pipe-lining can be applied.
3. Pipe replacement – This is usually the last option since the collateral damage of digging down eight to 10 feet is often severe.

If you or a neighbor has been experiencing drain troubles, give us a call or schedule online and save $15. The first step to solving your drain issues is seeing what’s wrong and we have the technology to do it.
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