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Play-Place for Autistic Children Earns $1,000 for New Center

Apr. 09, 2015
Farmington Hills, MI (March 2015) – Thornton & Grooms Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing has been serving the Oakland County community for more than 75 years. In an effort to give back to the community that has supported them, Thornton & Grooms uses their Hearts & Heroes Award to provide assistance to local charitable organizations, schools, or groups in need, recognizing their efforts and awarding $1,000 to their cause.

Thornton & Grooms awarded the March Hearts & Heroes award to Play-Place for Autistic Children, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing “a fun-filled, judgment-free, haven of hope for families affected by autism through a unique play-powered environment combining education and recreation with a variety of social, occupational and physical therapeutic overtones.”

Play-Place went from one mother’s idea for her son who has autism to a large effort that will help thousands of families that are affected. The Sterling Heights location will undergo extensive construction and open, tentatively, summer 2015.

Spreading the word to supporters is the best way to get them to vote everyday for your organization. This Thornton & Grooms community program has proven to do more than support organizations, like Play-Place for Autistic Children, financially. Many groups have been able to re-energize their support base as well as gain new exposure through the program. Play-Place has been able to spread the word to Oakland County as well as Macomb where they are located.

Play-Place for Autistic Children sponsors big events in the community like their Halloween Party that gives families a comfortable place to enjoy one another with no judgement or stares, just fun and freedom.
To learn more about the Play-Place for Autistic Children, visit

To nominate an organization for an upcoming Hearts & Heroes Award, visit our website:
If you’d like to vote for the current March Hearts & Heroes nominees and help determine a winner, visit:
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