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Signs Your A/C is Leaking Refrigerant

People think because the air coming from their registers feels too warm, or their house isn't cooling off fast enough, their air conditioner must need refrigerant.

Refrigerant should not leak from your air conditioner - it is not like putting gas in your car.  If refrigerant has leaked from your A/C there is a problem.  You need to have a qualified HVAC technician repair the leak or else it will keep happening.  Putting more refrigerant in a system that is leaking can and will end up being more costly, because the system will continue to leak refrigerant.

When an air conditioner is actually low on refrigerant, it's common for the indoor coil to freeze.  This shouldn't be taken lightly; when the ice melts you will get water leaking in the furnace and onto the floor.  Water can damage the furnace and make your problems even worse.  But, oftentimes, "low refrigerant" service visits turn out to be a plugged air filter.  Be sure to change your furnace filter regularly to avoid this problem.

Signs your A/C is low on refrigerant:
• You feel low airflow coming from registers
• Air starts to feel warmer from registers
• You find water on the floor by your furnace
• Ice is building up on copper lines from A/C unit to indoor coil
• Higher than normal electrical usage
• House takes longer than normal to cool off

These are typical signs, but remember, low refrigerant generally means a leak in your A/C system.  All problems have a cause, so it is important to have your air conditioner system checked and repaired by a certified technician. Schedule a repair.
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