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Spring can wreak havoc on your drains

May. 02, 2018
Along with the many wonderful things spring brings, a backed up sewer is not one of them. With rising temperatures and spring rain, be on the lookout for a slow or clogged drain – and get it treated before it causes damage to your home. Learn how spring can affect your drains.

Tree roots grow the most in the spring
We look forward to the green leaves spouting on the trees, but the growth above the soil also means there is root growth below the soil. As temperatures rise above freezing, tree roots begin to grow – with the most growth occurring between late spring and early summer. These roots often find their way into your drain and can cause major issues.

Heavy rain
Spring showers can sometimes drop inches of rain over a short period. When the ground becomes saturated, the excess water is left with no place to go – and may find its way into your home. Water (sewage) is most likely to back up into basements, utility or laundry rooms.

Signs your drain may be clogged
Drains often give us signs that there is a potential issue on the rise. They may begin to drain slowly, make gurgling sounds, or even create a small backup. If you notice any of these signs, call a drain specialist immediately. A proactive approach can save you from a major backup.

Service your drain
Whether you have had drain problems in the past or are currently experiencing them, our team of drain specialists can help. We can unclog it, run a camera through a main drain to identify roots or cracks, and offer permanent solutions to repair the drain. Schedule drain service today.
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