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Thornton & Grooms “Plugs-In” to Social Media

Jul. 26, 2010

Birmingham, MI – Thornton & Grooms, an industry leader in residential and commercial plumbing, heating & cooling since 1937, knows a thing or two about building lasting relationships.  That’s why they’re now using the power of social media to stay connected to their customers and community, everyday.

In their 73 year history, Thornton & Grooms has used just about every form of advertising and marketing to develop one of Southeast Michigan’s most respected brands – including TV, print, direct mail, outdoor and radio.  And while these traditional methods continue to work, Thornton & Grooms views social media as one of the key ingredients to expanding their online identity and customer service platforms.

“With the consumption of content now being 24/7, you really need to find immediate ways to access your audience…with social media we’re reaching people in real time, with the opportunity to collect insights that can help shape the way we do business in the future”, says Mike Bergstrom , VP at Thornton & Grooms.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, Thornton & Grooms has employed Plugged Marketing to manage their social media presence and publicity.  Plugged specializes in Social Media Management, and helps clients stay in front of their audience with more regularity.

“When it comes to social media, not all companies have the time or resources to take advantage of what the medium provides, which is immediate access to a shared experience”, says Jason Ribits, Partner at Plugged.

“Thornton & Grooms can instantly engage their fans with unique content and exclusive offers, all in a non-invasive way.  In turn, fans act as brand advocates by sharing those updates across networks.  It’s viral marketing at its finest.”

Become a Fan of Thornton & Grooms on Facebook, and gain access to the latest plumbing, heating & cooling news, tips and deals, visit  248-430-0919.

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