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Three Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Mar. 24, 2015
As the weather begins to break and the sun peaks from behind the clouds we wait with baited breath for spring. In the meantime, there are a few tasks to complete around your house before the heat hits.

1. Change your furnace filter. It’s important to change your filters every few months. Changing your filter at the beginning of each season is an easy way to remember when you last changed them and keep clean filters in your furnace. Clean filters help your heating and cooling equipment run more efficiently and puts less stress on the system by allowing the air to flow through.

2. De-winterize your home.  To protect your home from freezing, leaking, or bursting pipes when you’re away for the winter, you often “winterize” your homes. Insulating exterior wall piping, empty flex lines of all water, disconnect them if possible. As spring approaches, its time to get those hoses and pipes ready for use again. Here are a few steps to undo your winterization.
• Turn off your plumbing fixtures at their individual shut offs – sinks, toilets, hoses, etc.
• Make sure you replace plumbing traps that were removed from your sinks, tubs and showers before testing fixtures.
• Walk through your home and test each plumbing fixture that has an available shut-off, one-by-one. This way you can check for leaks and know where they are coming from and easily stop them, as well, without having to worry about large leaks and water damage. Be sure to turn on your hose spigots outside and then check the basement inside. Sometimes a frozen hose spigot doesn’t leak inside until the hose is used.
• If you find leaking water pipes, call a licensed plumber.
• And remember; restore your water softener to working condition.
For help de-winterizing your home and make sure your plumbing system is flowing properly, contact a professional plumber.

3. Schedule your A/C maintenance. Scheduling your maintenance early virtually guarantees you’ll get an appointment that is convenient for you, even if it isn’t until May, June or July. If you didn’t have your air conditioner system checked last year, or if your A/C had trouble keeping up with the heat before the days reached, “sweltering,” getting your maintenance scheduled sooner rather than later can also save you time and frustration. Spring and summer maintenance ensures your A/C will be in top form during the warm months ahead, gives you a heads-up if it needs any repair work. Walk around you air conditioner’s outdoor unit and make sure there aren’t any leaves, sticks, or debris around it that can block airflow.

These three tips will kick off your spring cleaning and are some of the most important for your home. Call your home service professionals today and start getting ready for warm weather!
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