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Tune Up, Repair, or Replace? What Your Furnace Needs & When

Jan. 14, 2016
If your furnace could talk, what would you want it to tell you?

“When it’s going to break down? Why it’s costing you so much money?”

What if I told you, your furnace talks to you all the time! Keep reading to learn how to understand your furnace and know when to tune up, repair, or replace it.

A complete furnace tune up helps identify safety issues like carbon monoxide or flame leaks.  It’s never unnecessary, and experts like ours recommend having your furnace inspected annually. Your furnace will give you the 411 each time you have it tuned up. The furnace inspection helps certified technicians predict failure of electrical or mechanical components, so you know when repairs or replacement are around the corner. Your annual furnace tune up is also the time to make adjustments to things like gas pressure to positively affect efficiency and your comfort level in your home.

Along with the furnace tune up telling you when repairs are imminent, there are some smart times you, as the homeowner can choose to repair your furnace.

While your furnace is still under warranty is a great time to complete suggested repairs from your technician.  There’s also the “better safe than sorry” approach and repairing your furnace proactively. This means;  if you’ve put off a certain repair in the past or the technician thinks you may not have long before a particular part stops working and shuts your system down, it may be best to repair it right then versus at its breaking point. When your furnace starts to show overuse or wear, it’s telling you it needs help. Oftentimes waiting to repair one part makes the others work harder, increasing the strain, and ultimately lowering the efficiency and the lifespan of your furnace.

What about replacement?
It can be easy to hear your furnace tell you it’s ready to be replaced. Usually because it’s emitting screaming, or banging, or squealing noises! But, there are a few other ways to know when your furnace may be ready to be replaced that are not as clear.

When furnace repair costs are high, usually for major components like the heat exchanger or multiple items need to be repaired at once or over a short period of time, your furnace should be replaced. Equipment that is oversized for your home is not efficient and is costing you more money and should be replaced. Any damage to the furnace that can bring harm to your family or the rest of your home, like water damage or exposure to electrical damage makes equipment unsafe and are clear signs replacement is necessary. Equipment that is unsafe to operate like previously listed or have issues leaking flames, carbon monoxide or a cracked heat exchanger are tell-tale signs its time to replace.

Some less noticeable but helpful signs you may want to replace now instead of in the dead of winter when your furnace stops working are:
• Units that are inefficient energy guzzlers
• Units that don’t make your home comfortable (possibly from improper sizing, etc.)
• A unit that was poorly installed by your last heating contractor.

If your furnace is telling you any of these things, visit us online today to schedule a certified technician or a maintenance technician to come to your home. If you think its time to replace your furnace, schedule a Replacement Specialist to give you some options.
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