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Why it’s Called Rooter Service

Nov. 09, 2015
Sometime in the past (circa 1930's), before the widespread use of sewer inspection cameras, the term "Rooter Service" was coined.  Rooter Service was and still is the most common form of maintenance for sewer or drain lines.  So much so that the franchise Roto-Rooter was founded on the concept (in 1935 Sam Blanc invented an electric sewer machine and called it the Roto-Rooter).  Prior to this root cutting machine, homeowners either tried to clear the blockage by hand (extremely difficult, time consuming, and fairly ineffective) or by digging up the sewer line.  The service of cutting roots out a sewer line has so much history and momentum that it is unfortunately just assumed by many people to be the automatic solution to a clogged sewer line.  However, trained, experienced professionals know this isn't always the best solution.

Based on our experiences with un-clogging thousands of slow draining, blocked, of clogged sewer lines, we know that rooter service isn't always what is needed to properly solve the sewer issue.  Using a sewer inspection camera, a properly trained drain technician is able to diagnose the problem and recommend solution(s) that are in the best interest of the customer.  And many times, rooter service would be detrimental to the situation potentially causing the sewer to collapse or shortening the sewer's life.  A root cutting sewer machine uses a tremendous amount of power and torque to cut through or pull heavy roots out of the sewer.  This force can actually cause the line to break or crack in some situations.  The alternatives depend on the situation and should only be recommended after the inside of the sewer line is evaluated.  

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, drains that have been “getting by” can turn to “getting clogged.” We’ll always come when call but to avoid seeing us at your door this holiday season, here are a few tips: 
• When cooking, have a garbage bag specifically for your scraps to fill and throw out once you’re done preparing your meals. Never put grease, skins, cooking oils, fat, bones, etc. into your garbage disposal or down an open drain.
• Check your toilets, sinks, and showers before family and friends are scheduled to arrive. If they’re draining slowly now, the extra guests can add to the strain. Call us and get it taken care of sooner rather than later.
• With a house full of folks, make sure they all know; only toilet paper should go into the drains, - no toys, paper towel, or food scraps.
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