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Why you should LOVE furnace tune-ups

Jan. 03, 2017
Another Winter, another furnace tune-up, usually performed out of obligation. But we love the tune-up at Thornton & Grooms. We love tune-ups because they’re an inexpensive way to keep your furnace functioning longer with fewer major issues in between checks. Tune-ups extend the life of your furnace by keeping dirt and grime out and its many small parts clean to reduce wear. During furnace tune-ups your technician will also notify you of any parts on the verge of failure – this is helpful because when one part isn’t functioning optimally, neither will others.

Loving the furnace tune-up is loving your home, your health, and ultimately your family. It sounds dramatic but let us explain!

A clean furnace keeps the rest of your home clean as well. If the inside of your furnace is dirty, and air is moved through the furnace…it’s picking up that dirt and blowing it into your home through the vents.  It is the same for bacteria, viruses, and fungus particles. Since we’re inside so much more during the winter, the tune-up is a step to improve indoor air!

It saves you money. Proper furnace maintenance will extend the life of your system.

A furnace tune-up keeps you safe! A technician will ensure that your flue pipe and chimney aren’t leaking or blocked, which can lead to carbon monoxide entering your home.  He will also ensure that the gas pilot safety system and safety circuit are operating correctly and safely.  If they’re not, it could lead to an unsafe situation such as fire or explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ensure that “whoosh” isn’t followed by a “boom.” The gas pilot safety system and safety circuit should be checked regularly to ensure they’re functioning correctly and safely.

Know what’s going on in there. Are there wear-and-tear parts that are nearing the end of their life cycle?  Any other obvious repairs that need to be made? A technician can pinpoint anything that needs to be done. If your system is older than about ten years, you can even get an idea of how much longer it’ll last.

Furnace tune-ups are good for you … well, they’re good for your furnace and wil make your life easier if you schedule them consistently. They’ll make your home safer, and give you and your family peace of mind.
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