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You Have To See It to Fix It

May. 09, 2012

The pipes that run inside your walls and disappear under your house can hold dark, potentially disastrous secrets—leaks, backups, and bursts. Luckily modern technology can help bring those secrets into the open via video inspection cameras.

The use of video camera inspection is a fairly recent innovation for plumbing.  The flexible goose-necked cameras are inserted into a drain and make use of a motorized wheel to advance far into the pipes, recording images the entire way via a closed-circuit camera.  Cameras are equipped with lights so that no detail is left in the dark.

The cameras allow the plumber to pinpoint any trouble spots and to determine their cause—and to show the homeowner the exact problem. Many homeowners like the fact that they can see and ask questions, not just hope that their plumber is identifying a necessary repair.

After the repairs are made, the cameras can be used to inspect them and verify that they were done correctly. The homeowner can see the result as well.

Using a camera to find problem spots in plumbing can save homeowners time and money.

  • The plumber can locate the problem without tearing out unnecessary walls, floors, ceilings or foundations.
  • Because the problem can be found quite quickly, the plumber will have much less labor time than by using a more-traditional inspection method.
  • There’s no guesswork as to which pipes need attention, so there is almost no chance of the wrong repair being made.

Some of the uses for video camera inspections of pipes and sewers:

  • Inspection of plumbing in a home being purchased to verify it is in good condition
  • Identifying pipes that are broken, cracked, or collapsed
  • Checking that pipe connections are intact. Buried pipes can become offset due to ground freezing and thawing, settling, etc.
  • Deteriorated pipes
  • Identifying a pipe that has “bellied”, or had one section sink lower than its adjoining pipes to create an area where sediment or waste collects
  • Root damage from surrounding trees or bushes
  • Joints that have lost their seal and are leaking
  • Blockage such as grease, hair or other foreign materials
  • Locating items that have been accidentally flushed down drain or toilet, such as precious jewelry.

Plumbing is something that most people don’t think about until they’re forced to because something has gone wrong.  Video plumbing inspections easily pay for themselves in finding and correcting potential problems before they become disasters.

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