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This month's nominees are Foster Closet of Michigan and Play-Place for Autistic Children.  Learn more about them and then cast your vote!  Voting ends 6/30/17.

Foster Closet of MIFoster Closet of Michigan
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The Foster Closet Of Michigan provides the essential items that a child in foster care needs at no cost to the family. This branch of the Foster closet helps over 600 children per year.  The organization is rand completely with volunteers and donations, there is not one paid employee.

With the donation we would be able to provide brand-new car seats, cribs and strollers to foster families.  This is a very expensive item for the families.

Play-Place for Autistic Children
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Research shows that the prevalence of obesity in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and special needs is at 31.8%. The particular needs and challenges that this population faces make them vulnerable to additional risk factors not shared by children in the general population, including medications, genetics, disordered sleep, atypical eating patterns, and challenges for engaging in sufficient physical activity. For individuals with ASD, obesity potentially represents a significant threat to independent living, self-care, quality of life, and overall health. Regardless of the cause, researchers say the findings emphasize the need to create childhood obesity programs targeted specifically to children and young adults with autism/special needs. In their report, the investigators urge that more be done to help prevent and manage obesity in “these already vulnerable adolescents.”

Our state-of-the-art facility offers enrichment and completeness of a physical education regimen that is missing for these affected individuals as well as their siblings. Because of cognitive and physical challenges, targeted participants are not included in mainstream recreational/team sport opportunities. Children with autism and other special needs challenges have a tendency to wander or dart away, so outside free play is usually not an option for them either. This is an exclusive opportunity to get healthy and fit offering the transformative power of healthy, physical play in a safe, supportive, inclusive atmosphere.

Play-Place for Autistic Children is uniquely positioned, with our innovative “Get Healthy & Fit” program already in operation, and with our established roster of experienced community partners to propel this program into greater levels of success. With this funding, we can greatly multiply the number of individuals we affect, and greatly increase the effectiveness of the physical fitness experiences we offer to these individuals. This unique program will positively impact the health and fitness of these children.

Funds will be used to purchase additional fitness equipment for this program such as balance trainers, stationary bikes, fit balls, jump ropes, etc. Numerous activities challenge motor skills, balance and coordination in a safe, inclusive, fun design.

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