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Hearts & Heroes Nominees

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This month's nominees are Wish Upon A Teen and The American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - Oakland County.  Learn more about them and then cast your vote!  Voting ends 4/28/17.

Defeat the Label
Defeat the Label
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Wish Upon a Teen is dedicated to providing resources, time and opportunities to teenagers with severe life-limiting medical conditions. Through creative, social and educational opportunities, their goal is to normalize teens' environment and rebuild their self-esteem as they transition to adulthood.

Wish Upon a Teen’s founder, Michelle Soto, has an extensive background as a Child Life Specialist caring for children and teenagers. Through this experience, she learned that the particular needs of teens are often overlooked within the medical community. The combination of normal teenage stressors along with the impact of a severe life-limiting medical condition or injury can make the transition to adulthood extremely challenging.

Executive Director Nancy Sovran's daughter Hope, who was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2012 and would need a bone marrow transplant. She had just turned 15 when the cancer was discovered. It was during this time that Nancy first met Michelle, and a year later, she was asked to join the organization. She now serves as executive director.

Wish Upon a Teen, is an organization where two moms are trying to help out families during the toughest of times. The two are relentless in trying to make a positive impact on families that need support. They work with 56 pediatric hospitals around the country, helping more than 2,000 adolescent patients each year.

Making Strides Oakland County
The  American Cancer Society's Makng Strides Against Breast Cancer - Oakland County
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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event in Oakland County is a powerful event that effects hundreds of people in Oakland County. We need to get more support, research and awareness to help those in our community! The event will be held on Saturday, October 7th.

Whether we’ve faced it ourselves, or someone we love has, almost everyone has been affected by breast cancer in some way. But at the same time, we can all do something about it. By donating to a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event you’re helping the American Cancer Society make a difference in so many ways, from funding innovative breast cancer research to simply providing a hand to hold.
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